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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Keeping the Will Power intact in bad Weather: Day 25

To be honest with you, in my entire life, I have never seen this kind of cold wave. I think it is almost 3 weeks or even more that the country is suffering from cold weather. The temperature in my city is continuously hovering around 10-13 degree Celsius. Today, there was no sun in the sky. Last night, I could not sleep well. Unfortunately, I am perhaps one of the few persons who cannot tolerate cold weather. As a result, I have totally stopped dieting and I am now eating normal food. I am just careful not eat meat or drink soft drinks (in winter, I don’t need to drink it anyway) and I am also careful not to eat a lot of sweets.
The worst part of this bad weather is that I feel hungrier because there is nothing to do. So, all the time, I feel that I should eat some strong food (meat) and drink something like Horlicks. So, in addition to tolerating the cold weather, I have to keep my will power intact. I just need to hang only for another 10-11 days and then things may better. 

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