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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Every Club Loves Sergio Canales

Sergio Canales is going to be 19 years old next month (16 February). Now, many big clubs are eager to sign him. He currently plays for r Racing de Santander and it is now a matter of just days that Sergio Canales joins either a big club in Spain or in England.
Real Madrid are eager to have him and are even ready to spend £8million but there are basically two problems. First of all, he will be sent to another club on loan for a year and half. The second problem is that he cannot play in Real now and even when he comes back his place is not for granted as Real Madrid has many super star players.
Chelsea has offered him a very attractive salary and Manchester United is not far behind to Chelsea in this race either.
Most probably, the father of Canales has some interest about Arsenal because Arsenge Wenger has the best reputation for turning young players into world class stars. The best example is captain Fabregas who is from Spain like Canales.
Tottenham and Aston Villa are also interested. There is no news about what Manchester City owner and coach are thinking about Sergio Canales. After all, money is not a problem for them. 

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