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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Weight Loss Resolution in 2010

A very happy new year to all the readers of the blog. In this year, my goal is to weight loss, permanently change my eating habit and become more physically active. I have to change my sleeping habit too.
Right now, my weight is around 100 KG and my goal is to reach t 80 KG by the end of 2010.
Even if I can reach to 85 KG, I will be very hapy. Thus, in 12 months, I will try to lose 15-20 KG.
My second goal is to permanently change my eating habit. I will try to leave meat, sugar, coffee, soft drinks (coca cola, Pepsi etc), cake and pastry and of course fast food and outside food (restaurant foods).
Instead, I will try eat healthy food items. I will mainly eat rice, roti, vegetables, lentil, Bengal gram (Chickpea), fish etc. I will increase eating fruits and nuts.
I am going to start from zero amount of physical activity and I cannot even walk 10 minutes now. By the end of the year, I want to be able to walk for 2 hours at a stretch. 

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