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Friday, December 25, 2009

Weight Loss Journey of an Obese Man

Yes, this will be tile of this blog from now. From the heading, you can easily understand that I am going to write about my fight against obesity and my efforts to decrease some weight. Well, in fact, I need to lose a lot of pounds. These days, I guess that millions of people around the world are suffering from this problem. Being fat is no longer an uncommon thing in any big city even if the city is situated in a poor country. Urban life has its many advantages but it has some disadvantages too.
No, it wont be a weight loss blog. I am not going to teach you anything because I am not a doctor or fitness trainer. In fact, I have no qualification or knowledge about diet, obesity, exercise or weight lost. I am just changing this blog topic only to record my personal journey and hopefully, some readers may get encouraged by it.
Today in my city, it was Christmas Day (25 December) 2009. Now, it is late night and thus 26 December 2009 has just started 4 hours ago.
First of all, I am going to tell you my weight and other factors:
Height: 6 feet o 72 inches or 1.83 meter (183 centimeters)
Weight Today: 100 KG or 220 Pounds
My BMI Index: 29.8 (Almost Obesity Level)
Weight on 23 October 2009: 110 KG or 242 Pounds
BMI Index of 23 October 2009: 32.8
Last week, I did my blood glucose test for Diabetes and thanks God that I did not catch this disease.
My Age: On March 22 2010, I will become 35

These are the conditions of my body at this moment. I caught Obesity at January 2007. I have been in and out of it for the last 3 years. On this October, it reached to very bad level and my health got seriously affected. So, I decided that something must be done.
In the past, I tried to decrease weight but failed all the time. The main problem was that I had very unhealthy eating habit and all the time, my goal was to decrease weight but starving for a few days and then again go back to the junk foods that I liked Thus, I could never become successful in losing weight and then keeping it.
This time, I had a do or die mentality and in fact at the age of 35, I felt like a 75 years old person. Anyway, this time, I did one very good thing. I started reading a lot about obesity and weight loss and healthy food. This reading opened my eyes. I realized that I must radically change my health or I have to suffer for the rest of life from bad health condition.
So, I decreased my amount of food and at the same time, totally changed my food. Here, I am giving you a list of the food items that I used to eat mainly in the past and the items I eat now:
Polao or Oily and Saty Rice
Plain Rice
Porota (Oily Bread)
Refined Flour
whole wheat-flour
Mutton (Goat Meat) cooked with a lot of spice and Oil
Lentil Soup with very small amount of oil and spice
Pizza, Burgher
Cucumber and Tomato Salad
Potato Chop, Mutton Chop and Beef Chop
Lentil and Small Shrimp Mixed Chop fried in small amount of oil
Coca Cola or Pepsi
Just Water
2-4 Cups of Coffee Every Day
Just Waster and occasionally a cup of Tea
Sweet and Sweet (traditional Bengali sweets
Cake, Pastry and Biscuits (Cookies)
Ice Cream
Cold Water
Beef Curry cooked with a lot of Onion, Oil and Spice
Potato, Cauli Flower, Green bean and Cavage Fry with small amount of oil and almost no spice
 2-4 Plates of Rice
Limited to Just one plate of Rice
Almost daily outside food
No outside (shop) food at all
Chips (Crisps)
I don’t miss them, really

Many of the food items are local but just do a Google search and you will get the picture. Thus, acting in a spoilt way, I made a complete mess of my health.
I could come out of Obesity this time too but I am still hanging around the danger zone. In fact, yesterday, I noticed that my weight reached to 101 KG and I went to Obesity zone. Then I became careful and I ate very light food today and thus, I am again back to the overweight zone. Believe me, changing food habit and losing weight are very difficult. Don’t believe those attractive advertisements that promise that you can easily lose 20-30 pounds in a month or two. Instead, try to read in Internet about diet and losing weight.
The most important thing is that never give up. Try to have a lot of mental strength. In my own personal Odyssey of weight loss, I have realized that will power is the most important factor. Just consistently tell yourself that you can do it, you can really do it. What I understand that most people think that changing food style is impossible. Or if you want to decrease weight then you will have to give a lot of time for physical exercise. Well, I don’t want to say that you don’t need any of or they are easy. However, when you reach to Obese level, you don’t have any choice. More than that, at first, it is really difficult. However, after a few days and weeks, it really becomes tolerable. The more time you spend, the easier it becomes.
At first, changing eating habit was really an impossible task for me. My belly was all the time crying from missing my favorite foods. However, after 9 weeks (64 days), I don’t miss any of the junk food items that I enjoyed in the past. Instead, I really like cucumber salad, bread made of whole wheat-flour, lentil soup and sometimes an egg fry. I wont lie to you. My heart cried a lot for Mutton curry for 55 days and I ate occasionally some meat (once a week). Then, in the last one week, my tongue has lost its attraction for mutton and I did not eat even one gram of meat in the last 7 days. My tongue now does not cry for it.
My heart is now functioning better; my weight has decreased 22 pounds in 64 days. This good feeling has motivated me a lot. I don’t go any party these days. If I have to go then I will eat a lot of salad and some rice.
Now, I have the second chapter in my weight loss adventure. I have to decrease another 17 KG or 38 pounds. If I can come to 83 KG only then my BMI will go under 25 for the first time. It is a very tough and long journey. It will take around 4-8 months. Of course, losing the next 8 KG will be the toughest. Then, it will be some easier because I can increase my physical activity.
Well, I have understood one thing very well, it is needs more mental effort than physical effort. Why am saying it?
In the next few months, some days, I will go out of my way and eat a lot. Some days, I may be tempted eat the old bad foods that I used to it or I may not able to control myself but eat restaurant foods.
These things can happen. After all I am neither God nor Machine. I know that in some weeks, despite all of my good efforts, weight can increase a KG or instead of decreasing. These things can happen very easily and naturally. However, I must keep my spirit high and continue my efforts. I basically need to do 3 things:
Eat some less amount of food each day
Eat just healthy food items and totally stop eating outside food and junk food
Do some physical activities like walking   

Well, unfortunately, I have another change to make. I have lost habit of sleeping at night because of blogging. Now it is time to go back to working at day and sleeping at night.
I hope that some of my readers can continue to be with me. I am again stating that I am not a doctor or I have no qualification about this topic. I am trying myself recording my personal journey to get some mental strength. Always consult a doctor before trying anything as far as weight loss is concerned. 

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