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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Arsene Wenger is Happy with Hull

Yesterday, Arsenal defeated Hull by 3-0. Coach Arsene Wenger is very happy with this win mostly because the Gunners were without their two best players: captain Fabregas and striker Van Persie. It was an acid test for both Wenger and his players. Young players like  Abou Diaby and Denilson got goals and it pleased Wenger too.
"Diaby was out for a while, Denilson was out for a while too so we were a bit shorter physically in midfield but now they are there again.
"Don't forget that these players are 22 now, and at 21 or 22 you start to be a man.
"When you are younger, it's hard to stand up against a man but when you are that bit older you start to do that.
"It certainly hurt the players when they were criticised after the Chelsea game, when you're a professional footballer and you want to reach the top, it always hurts.
This was the reaction of happy Arsene Wenger. However, the next match of Arsenal will be even a bigger test for Wenger and his boys because on 27 December 2009 (Next Sunday), they will have to face Aston Villa. 

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