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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Should Arsene Wenger buy a Striker in January 2010 Transfer Window?

Robin van Persie is surely the best striker that Arsenal has at this moment. He came to this club in 2004 and he has suffered a lot from injuries in the past. However, this season he has been perhaps in his best form and he has scored eight goals for the club in the last 11 matches. However, last night, he suffered a very bad injury while playing for his national football team. He is also a good striker for Holland. This injury has come at a very bad time for Coach Arsene Wenger.

Theo Walcott and Nicklas Bendtner are also injured and this way, Arsenal is going to face a very bad crisis of quality strikers. Of course, there are some young players but no one can replace Robin van Persie or Theo Walcott.

Now, I think that Wenger should seriously consider the idea of buying two strikers in January 2010 transfer window. From now, he should start searching for a player who can be a good substitute for Robin van Persie because it is clear that he will be out of action for many months. May be, he will not be able to play in this season at all.  

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  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    arsene wenger is rumoured to by a striker this season but not a world class striker
    i heard that he might get bojan krkic from barcelona since he's frustrated with the lack of first team games he's able to play since the signing of swedish striker zlatan ibrahimovich bojan is priced at an estimated 8 million and wenger might be set to aquire him if barca feel that they dont need his services
    the likes of edin dzeko and mouranne chamakh have been highly overpriced by their clubs

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    I personally think Wenger needs to sign about 3 players, a goalkeeper, a defensive mid and a striker, with the two outfield players they need to be physical as there is not much strengh or height to the team, someone along the lines of Yaya Toure and Good Old Pat Viera come to mind!
    Striker wise there isnt really much out there better than what we have at the club, maybe Torres, Drogba, Anelka && Rooney Etc but VanP && Eduardo are world class. Injury Prone i hear you say?
    They may be injury prone and with the likes of Bendtner as back up we do have to worry, i really dont know who we could sign as a striker but im saying they need to be 6ft 4" and built like a wall, with the ability to bang a few in the top corner

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    I think Kevin Kuranyi could give us some ariel presence.

  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Anonymous yes wenger should buy some good players i mean good players if he wants to win something next season and stop this stupid stuborn crap and lets win something