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Monday, November 02, 2009

Robin van Persie: Family Life is the Secret of Success

Football players often come into the media headlines because of their abnormal life style. Sometimes, they go to night clubs and get drunk. This is a common thing and it happens many times. Sometimes, even there is accusation of rape in night clubs or hotels against some players. So, when Robin van Persie says that good and happy family life is the secret of success for him then it really comes as a shock. Robin van Persie is in good form this season and he is the leading goal scorer for Arsenal in this season. It seems that he is on course to score 25 goals for the season and it was Thierre Henry who used to do this kind of thing.
Daily Mail wrote:
Van Persie, 26, recently celebrated the birth of his second child with wife Bouchra and the Dutchman told the Evening Standard: 'My family life is fantastic. The main things in my life are my two kids and my wife and it makes you stable. It gives you a good basis to perform because it is not good to go out all the time.
'When you play at this level - in the Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League - you need to recover and get your rest here and there and that is what I am doing.

I wish that other football players could learn from him and understand the blessing of a happy family life. It goes to people in every profession not just in football. Happiness is a very important thing and marriage can be a great blessing for you. 

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