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Monday, November 02, 2009

Emmanuel Adebayor has enough time to think of Arsenal

Emmanuel Adebayor left Arsenal for big money and joined Manchester City at the start of the season. There is nothing wrong in it and naturally, many Arsenal fans were angry with him. Although I am a Gunners fan, I had some sympathy for him that he is treated perhaps some unfairly by the fans of his former club. However, now, I am almost 99% convinced that Emmanuel Adebayor is to blame for this. He is now at Manchester City and getting good salary. He is in this new club for playing well and scoring goals. However, it seems to me that he gives more time in following what his former club is doing or not doing.
Recently, he said that Cese Fabregas would leave Arsenal if the club fails to qualify for Champions League next season. I don’t know what is the source of his prediction. I also don’t know why he thinks that the Gunners cannot be in the top four in Premier League this season. In fact, this time, it seems that the league is going to be a 3 way race between Manchester Untied, Chelsea and Arsenal. Manchester City might have collected some big players but surely they have failed to impress until now. Yes, they are in the fourth position but they look some shaky. Not only that, this season, Emmanuel Adebayor cannot play in Europe because Manchester City is not in UEFA Champions League. He should think now whether he can play next season in Champions League or not. So, he should think about his own club instead of the Gunners. If Cese Fabregas leaves Arsenal then may be he will become another Emmanuel Adebayor thinking of Arsenal.
Anyway, I hope that Emmanuel Adebayor gives more time to his performance instead of thinking about Arsenal. He left London himself and he wanted money and he got it. 

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