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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kolo Toure goes on public about his reason to leave Arsenal

Kolo Toure has spoken publicly about the reason behind his leaving Arsenal this summer. When he decided to do it then it was like a shock and he joined Manchester City for a good amount of money. Of course he is a good player and he has a lot of talent but hardly anyone could think that he would leave Arsenal for City. He has stated that there was a certain player who did not like him. He did not mention the name of the player but it is assume that the player is William Gallas. Kolo Toure has said that particular player always complain to the coach that there was no good understanding between him and Toure. As a result, he lost the good will of Arsene Wenger and this reason forced him to leave the club. Kolo Toure also said that he dreamt of playing Arsenal for a long time and finishing his career but he felt forced to leave. Well, we do not know the reality that what has happened. I think that Arsene Wenger should say something and give a reply to the accusation of Kolo Toure. This way, it will help other players. And in a club, the coach has to take care of all the players. He should not take side of anyone and he should just them only on performance. I am saying these things because although I am a big fan of Arsene Wenger but in management, you should not be biased about anyone. This does not help you as a manager in any field.

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