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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Praise and Criticism: This is Normal for Any Writer

Perhaps, the thing makes any writer happy is the praise they get from readers. Nothing can be better than this. Praise brings success and even more money. On the other hand, criticism brings sadness in the mind of a writer. It is normal and natural. We are human beings after all. It happens to all of us in all the professions. For writers, these two things create more intense emotion because with our writing we want to touch the heart of people. We want to say something with our words and sentences.
Even advertisement creators have the same goal. They want to promote a product with the power of their writing. Frankly, when I write a long entry, I always wish that some people come and discuss about it. It happens to me a lot. For example, today, I wrote an entry about Web Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh. It is more than 2000 words and that is why, I really wish that some people read it and let me know their ideas. 

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