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Friday, October 16, 2009

No return for Sol Campbell at Arsenal

Sol Campbell is now 35 years old and he still wants to make a final comeback to professional top quality football. I think that he has acted very rashly in the recent years. In 2006, he left Arsenal and joined Portsmouth. If it was a mistake then he perhaps made a bigger one by leaving Portsmouth and going to Notts County at League Two. Then he just played one game and left the club. Now, he is out of any club and he has requested Arsene Wenger for an opportunity to train with the Arsenal players. This way, he can keep his fitness.
He is one of the legends of the club and he is very popular to the fans. However, Arsene Wenger has ruled out any possibility of signing him. I agree with Wenger. First of all, the form of Campbell is not that good at this moment. More than everything, he is an instable character. So, I think that Wenger has taken the right decision.
What do you think?
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