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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Liverpool vs Manchester United Live Updates: 25 October 2009

The match has finished and Liverpool has won by 2-0
Thanks for being with us
Liverpool (2)-------------- Manchester United (0)

90+5 minutes: GOAAAAAAAAAl 
Liverpool scored the second goal. 
90+4 minutes: maserano of liverpool now shown red card
90+1 minutes: Freekick for United. 
89 minutes: Vidic of Man United shown red card. So, United is now playing with 10 players
86 minutes: Dangeorus move from United. Jammie Charagger shown yellow card. Freekick for United from a dangerous position
83 minutes: man United on atttack now and Michel Owen caused soem tnesion for LIverpool players but nothing happened in teh end
80 minutes: Change of player for LIverpoo. Torrest is leaving field. He has done his job and Ngog came in his place
77 minutes: Some nerve wreaking moments for LIverpool fans. However, they got saved by their goalkeeper
74 minutes: Change of player. Owen is coming in the field and Liverpool fans are very angry with him.
71 minutes: Liverpool had a corner and came close
68 minutes: LIverpool again on attack
65 minutes: Goal for LIverpool. What a goal from Tores. Liverpool is leading by 1-0
62 minutes: Corner for United and then counter attack from Liverpool
60 minutes: Best spell of the match for Man U
56 minutes: Freekick for United from dangerous postion. 
53 minutes: ANother bad miss by Liverpool from a good attack. They need to change a player or two
50 minutes: Good attack from Liverpool. They are in exccellent form today
46 minutes: Second half just started. Man Utd on attack
45 minutes: It is half time and it is 0-0. Come back soon for second half action
42 minutes: Just 3 minutes left before half time
39 minutes: Freekick for Man United. 
36 minutes: Well planned attack from Liverpool the head was good too but the United goalkeeper was better. Now Berbetov of Man U shown yellow card
33 minuites: Lovely attack from United. A long ball and some anxious moments for Liverpool defense
30 minutes: Manchester united got a freekick
27 minutes: no team is domnating now
24 minutes: LIverpool has a freekick
21 minutes: A rare buit good attack from United. Rooney's head almost went to goal but good goalkeeping in the end
18 minutes: bad luck again. This time, Couch got the ball and he got the goalkeeper alone but could not score
15 minutes: bad luck for Liverpool. They almost scored from freekick but two superb saves from UNited goalkeeper
12 minutes: Freekick for LIverpool
10 minutes: Another good attack from man United
7 minutes: Liverpool is playing some better
4 minutes: Good attack from Man Utd and then counter attack from Liverpool
1 minute: The match just started be with us for live updates


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