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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jamie Carragher Optimistic about his Form and Liverpool’s Title Bid

Jamie Carragher has said that he would get over his current bad patch very soon and return strongly to help Liverpool in its premier league title challenge. The English defender has got off to a poor start this season as Liverpool suffered a number of goals due to his mistakes that resulted in defeats for the Reds. He is now 31 and many have raised question about his ability to perform at the same level that he used to do in the past, and thus, pointing out his age as a hindrance to his form. However, Carragher has dismissed all these criticisms by stating that he has had some bad games, but it does not mean that his age has become a big problem.

AFP reported:

"I look after myself very well. It's just that when things aren't going well for you, nothing goes well.

"The best thing to do is try not to analyse it too much. You only end up beating yourself up over it. You've got to have confidence in your own ability and that you'll get back.

"I'm not playing well at the moment, I know that. It's up to me to turn that around. I've got the strength of character to put it right.

Liverpool now stands 6th in the league point table with 3 defeats in 8 games. No doubt, Liverpool is very close to getting out of the title run. However, Jamie Carragher believes that once he gets back with his natural form, he could help Liverpool stay in the premier league title run. Now, let us see if Carragher can retain his form and keep the Reds’ title hope alive.

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