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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arsenal Goes in the Fifth Round of Carling Cup 2010

The match just finished 2-3 minutes ago and we provided live updates in this blog. It was a very enjoyable match. In the end, Arsenal defeated Liverpool by 2-1. Well, I think that Liverpool could have won the match too if they could score from some of the opportunities they created. However, I was totally impressed by dazzling display from the young players of the Gunners. There was no Fabregas, Van Persy or even Arshavin. So, the 3 major players were not even in the reserve bench for any backup. This time, the young players showed that they are coming out of age. I was particularly impressed with two players.
One of them was Samir Nasri. He was injured for the last few weeks and it was a comeback match for him. He showed that the injury could not take away hit mental strength and playing ability. He was some kind of a play maker for the club tonight. If he can form a partnership with Fabregas then I would not be shocked to see Arsenal winning either Champions League or EPL title. Of course, it is too early to make this kind of prediction. The second players who caught my attention was left back Gibbs. He will be a great asset not only for Arsenal but also for England national team. He should get a place in English squad for World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
For a good match report, go to BBC.
Just for the record, Merinda scored the first goal for Arsenal in the 19th minute. Then Liverpool equalized with a sublime finish from Insua (26th minute). The half time ended 1-1 and then in the 50th minute Bendtner produced a stunning goal. 

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