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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arsenal and Liverpool Match Live Updates: 28 October 2009

Arsenal has won the match by 2-1. Thanks for being with us.
Arsenal (2)----------- Liverpool (1
90+4 minutes: The match finsihed and Arsenal won by 2-1
90+3 minutes: Just one minute left. Liverpool was perhaps unlucky not to get a penalty
90+1 minutes: Goalkick to Arsenal
88 minutes: Change of player for LIverpool now
86 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal
83 minutes: Lovely attack and counter attack from the two teams. The full house fans are enjoying match now a lot
80 minutes: Bad luck for Liverppool This may prove very costly for them. They missed a very easy opporttunity
77 minutes: Double change for Arsneal and now another change for Liverpool Aqualani comes to field for LIverpool
75 minutes: Change of players for both Liverpool 
72 minutes: Freekick for Arsneal. Looked very dangeorus but in the end a corner
69minutes: ANother freekick fro LIverpool
66 minutes: Corner for LIverpool but nothing happened
63 minutes: Liverpool got a freeekick
60 minutes: freekick for Liverpool
56 minutes: it is turn of bad luck for Liverpool that they came close but did not get the goal
53 minutes: bad luck for Arsenal that they did not get the third goal. Lovely turn from Nasri. he is back in hist best
50 minutes: What a superb goal. Bendtner is the man and Arsenal now leading by 2-1
46 mintes: Second half just started. Be with us for live updates. 
45 minutes: Half time and score is 1-1. Come back soon
44 minutes: LIverpool got a corner
42 minutes: 2 corners for Arsenal within 1 minute
39 minutes: Players look some tired now
36 Minutes: wonder ful counter attack from Arsenal adn a corner
33 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal but no trouble for the Liverpool goalkeeper
30 minutes: 15 minutes left for half time
26 minutes: What a goal from LIverpool. Insua indeed produced a magical shot. Now score is 1-1
25 minutes: Liverpool got a freekick but Arsenal goakeeper Fabianski collected it easily
22 miutes: LIverpool on aattack but great defending from Sandros
19 minutes: Arsenal scored the first goal. What a shot by Merida from outside of the penalty area. Arsenal leading by 1-0
15 minutes: What a fine move from Arsenal They almsot got the first goal. Lovely one touch passing from Betnder and Nasri
12 minutes: So far, Liverpool could create more chances
9 minutes: bad luck for Liverpool. They should have scored really
6 minutes: Good move from the Gunners but the LIverpool defense was cautiois
3 minutes: The two teams are playing cautiously. No real attack so far. First good attack from Liverpool. 
0 minute: The match just started. Arsenal has the fist attack
The players are on the field now. So, the match will start shortly. Dont go anywehre. Be with us here
The match will start wtihin a few minutes. Be with us for live updates. 
Host team Arsenal will take on Liverpool in an important match. This match will start just after an hour. It is a home match for Arsenal. This match is scheduled to start at 19:45 GMT. They will face each other at the Emirates. If you want to get live information then stay with us.

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