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Monday, October 12, 2009

Argentina vs Uruguay Preview & Live Score: World Cup 2010 Qualifying Match

If you want to get the live score and updates of the match between Argentina and Uruguay, the visit the following link:

Argentina vs Uruguay Live Updates: 14 October 2009

Uruguay takes on Argentina in a ‘do-or-die’ match of World Cup 2010 qualification on 14 October 2009 at the Estadio Centenario, Montevideo. Both teams would go into the match knowing that winner of the match will automatically qualify for next year’s world cup finals which will take place South Africa. Naturally, neither side would leave any stone unturned to win the match. Coaches of both sides would feature the best possible squad for the game. It is no less important than even a world cup final for both Uruguay and Argentina. Argentina is facing a threat of missing out on a world cup place for the fist time in 40 years, while Uruguay is desperate to ensure their world cup berth this time because the two-time world cup champions failed to qualify for the last world cup in 2006. So, all the elements present are indicating an exciting match.

Match: Argentina vs Uruguay, Round 18, South American Region, World Cup Qualification 2010

Date: 14 October 2009

Kick off: 22:00 GMT; 23:00 BST (British Summer Time); 23:55 CAT (Central African Time); 03:30 am Indian Standard Time (on 15 October)

Venue: Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay

Live on TV: Sky Sports 1, Super Sport 5 Television Channels

Let us now see the positions of the two teams in the point table and how they can qualify for world cup 2010 finals. Following the 2-1 victory over Peru earlier this week, Argentina has moved to the fourth place in the standing with 25 points from 17 games, while Uruguay is breathing on the neck of Argentina in the fifth place with 24 points to their credit from the same number of games, and both sides have only a game left in hand in their qualifying campaign. Brazil, Paraguay and Chile have already qualified, and now only one place remains and there are three contenders: Argentina, Uruguay and Ecuador, who are at the sixth place with 23 points from 17 matches and would play their last game against Chile. All the three teams can clinch the fourth place depending on the results of their last round matches. Here, it is noteworthy that the fifth placed team would then face the fourth placed team of North American region in a play-off game.

What would happen to Argentina?

1. If Argentina wins over Uruguay, then Maradona boys would directly qualify for the world cup as one of the top four teams of this region.

2. If Argentina draws with Uruguay, then Argentina would ensure at least the fifth place in the standing- meaning the play-off berth. However, Argentina can go into the world cup finals directly even with a draw, if Ecuador fails to defeat Chile by at least 6 goals.

3. If Argentina loses to Uruguay, then there is every possibility Maradona boys would be out of the world cup. However, Argentina can still go into the world cup through play-off even if they lose to Uruguay. How? Well, to do so, Ecuador must not defeat Chile. That means Argentina can clinch the fifth place in the point table ever with a defeat to Uruguay, if Chile does not lose to Ecuador.

What would happen to Uruguay?

1. If Uruguay wins against Argentina, then the home side would ensure their direct qualification to the world cup finals in South Africa next year. Without a win over Argentina, there is no way Uruguay can clinch a world cup place directly as the top four teams in the point table.

2. If Uruguay draws with Argentina, then Uruguay can reach the world cup finals only through play-off. However, to make this happen, Chile must not lose to Ecuador.

3. If Uruguay loses to Argentina, then they could be out of the world cup. However, there is possibility that Uruguay can clinch the fifth place in the standing even if they are defeated by Argentina. However, to make this happen:

(a) Ecuador can not win over Chile; (b) even if Ecuador draws with Chile, Uruguay’s losing margin against Argentina can not be more than 11 goals;


(c) seventh-placed Venezuela (21 points from 17 games) must not defeat Brazil; (d) even if Venezuela defeats Brazil, the joint margin of Venezuela’s win and Uruguay’s defeat can not be more than 14 goals. For example, if Uruguay loses to Argentina by the margin of 7 goals, then Venezuela’s winning margin over Brazil can not be more than 7 goals. If Uruguay’s losing margin against Argentina is 5 goals, then Venezuela’s winning margin over Brazil can not more than 9 goals.

Uruguay and Argentina both got two important wins in their previous world cup qualifying games thanks to injury time goals. Martin Palermo scored a winner for Argentina two minutes into the additional time and his goal has kept Argentina’s world cup hopes alive. Argentina’s performance was better against Peru compared to their performance in the recent past. From the very beginning, they controlled the game, but very Peru forwards threatened and Argentine defense was exposed many times. In fact, Argentina was really lucky that they could come out of the match with 3 points. Peru could have won the game too, had their strikers not squandered off the chances. Once, the ball hit the goal bar and there were a number of close-range misses by the Peru players. Argentina was given a lead by Higuain in the 48th minute, but Rengifo equalized in the 89th minute before Palermo’s winning goal.

Argentina coach Diego Maradona has also revealed that he thought Argentina was out of the world cup before the Palermo strike and the Argentine football legend has termed Palermo as ‘Saint Palermo’.

The Star reported:

“Yes, I thought we were out of the World Cup but I’d forgotten about Palermo, Saint Palermo,” Maradona told reporters.

Maradona celebrated as if he had scored the winner himself, diving on the sodden turf at pitch side and gliding several metres on his chest.

Well, there is enough justification of Maradona’s youthful celebration at this age. He has been under intense pressure over the past six months, more specifically since Argentina’s 6-1 defeat at the hands of Bolivia last April. In fact, Argentina has lost 4 out of their last 7 qualifying games. There were many who started raising question about Maradona’s credibility as a coach. So, it is pretty much certain that the victory over Peru must have given some ground to Maradona now.

Uruguay is delighted after defeating Ecuador 2-1 thanks to an injury time strike from Diego Forlan through penalty. The striker has already termed the upcoming encounter with Argentina as a ‘battle of life and death’.

Telegraph reported:

Forlan said: "I have warm feelings for Argentina. I played there for four years with Independiente and have many Argentine friends. But of course there is rivalry between the two countries. It's maybe not like Argentina against Brazil, but it is going to be a battle of life and death.

"To play at home in front of your own fans to qualify for the World Cup is a dream scenario. We will have our fans behind us, so it will be an extraordinary event."

Overall, it is pretty much certain that both sides would be out there to give their best in the game, looking for three points. Neither side would like to see their world cup hopes hanging on the result of the Ecuador’s match.

Online Live Score and Updates

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Uruguay will have the home advantage, and I think, they would go into the game with an attacking intent, knowing that an early goal would fuel up their hopes of clinching a world cup place. Argentina could start it safely, and with time passes, they would go for attack. They have a very good squad with Lionel Messi at the heart of their attack. There is no doubt, both sides would like to have a special performance from their star players like Messi and Forlan. I do not see any side favorite for the game, but expect an enthralling match.


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Sorry, just two corrections... Argentina didn't qualify for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, so it's been 40 years since thye were last unable to qualify and in this round of eliminations Bolivia won 6-1, not 6-0.

  2. Anonymous11:38 AM

    I second that comment, other than that nicely written and I can not wait until tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous4:38 PM

    So, at what time can we watch the game here in San Diego??????????????

  4. Nicholas from Nepal5:25 PM

    Argentina will come out victorious certainly, fingers crossed though.

  5. Anonymous6:19 PM

    Go Uruguay!!!! but of course Argentinians are brothers let the one of the best games in history beginns!!!!! I hope both qualify to 2010 world cup. you will see "la sangre charrĂșa in action"

  6. Anonymous7:29 AM

    very good article..here is my prediction:
    Argentina will win today 2-0.Equador will loss to Chile 3-1.Uruguay will make win the playoffs and will also be selected for world cup.

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    Argentina will win the match..............
    Score 1-0

    Abdul Rasheed

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    Gods are on Maradona side :-)
    another quite good live score site:

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    Excellent write-up. Gods are on Maradona'a side :-)
    another good live scores site:

  10. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. We always appreciate this kind of help from you.

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    Californai time 3pm - 14th October

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    I hope Argantina win uruguay