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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Andrei Arshavin Says Stars will Leave EPL due to Increasing Tax in England

Arsenal star Andrei Arshavin has said that English Premier League will lose many stars in future due to the country’s increasing tax. Recently, UK government has increased its tax from 40 percent to 50 percent. That means half of what players earn playing in Premier league would now go to UK government. No doubt, the percent of tax is really huge in England. That is why, many players do not prefer coming to England and playing in premier league; rather they want to play in other European leagues like Spanish La Liga.

Russian international Arshavin also believes that many star players would leave England for Spanish clubs or other European clubs due to England’s huge tax. For example, tax rate in Spain is just 27 percent, almost half of the tax rate in UK. The Russian playmaker has also said that he is enjoying his life in London, except the huge tax that he has been paying in England.

There is no doubt, many star players could leave England, if the government does not decrease its tax rate in future. In that case, English premier league would be the ultimate loser. Here, I think, England government should bring some changes in its tax policy at least for the players because if EPL loses star players then global interest would shift from England to Spain or other leagues. In that case, EPL would not remain as profitable as it is now thanks to huge fan base across the world. If it happens, then EPL would not be able to contribute to the UK economy.

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