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Friday, September 25, 2009

Diego Maradona: Do or Die Now

Perhaps it is the last chance for Diego Maradona. He is considered to be the greatest footballer of all time along with Pele and when he became the coach of Argentine national football team there was a lot of expectation among the supporters that under his influence some magic will happen. Now, they are thinking that the opposite has happened and Argentina is now facing the danger of getting eliminated from world cup 2010 in South Africa.
Diego Maradona has now come back to his country after taking a break in Italy. He stayed in Italy for two weeks and he lost some weights. So, now he is a better shape physically and let us see if he can inspire his players. Argentina is going to play against Peru next match at home. They are expected to win the match easily because Peru is the weakest team. Here I like to remind you that not only they have to win the match but they have to win the match with a huge margin to keep any hope of qualifying in the final of 2010 world cup football. 

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  1. If ever there was a time that Maradona needed "The Hand of God", it is now!