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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Carlo Ancelotti Plans to Retire at Chelsea in 2015

New Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti has revealed that he plans to end his coaching career at Stamford Bridge within next 6 years. After three months in the job, Ancelotti now looks for a long stint at Chelsea. In fact, the Italian manager has already decided that 2015 will be his last year in football coaching.

AFP reported:

"I started to train in 1995 and, after two years of this job, I thought that, for me, I would end my career in 2000," said Ancelotti.

"When I got to 2000, I said, 'now it's better to continue because I like this.'

"I thought I'd close my career in 2005 but after (AC Milan's) Champions League final defeat against Liverpool, I thought it was better to continue. Now, my stop is 2015.

"I hope to stay here. It depends not only on me. But I can say that, after three months here, I hope to stay a long time."

Well, it seems that Carlo Ancelotti has already changed his retirement decision three times. So, there is no certainty that he would surely get into retirement in 2015. May be considering the situation, he would continue his coaching career after 2015 as well. Though it is his personal decision and all should have respect to whatever he decides regarding his career, but my opinion is that he can continue the job as long as he enjoys it. He does not need to make any deadline for his retirement. He celebrated his 50th birthday last June and I think he can continue the job for 10 or 15 more years.

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