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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Can Diego Maradona Turn Argentina around?

Do you have any doubt about the greatness of Diego Maradona in football? Do you have any question regarding Argentina’s status as a football powerhouse? If you have, then I am pretty sure that you are either a crazy fan of Brazil or have little knowledge about the history of football (pardon me, if I have offended you by saying so).

The fact is that Diego Maradona is considered as one of the two greatest football players alongside Brazilian great Pele. He has achieved a lot in his phenomenal career and singled handedly brought the 1986 world cup to Argentina.

However, now it seems that the answers of the two questions I mentioned earlier could be true to some extent. You know that Maradona is the current coach of Argentina national team, but under the inspirational Maradona, Argentina has not been in good form recently, and is facing a threat of missing out a place in next year’s world cup finals in South Africa.

Argentina has lost three of their last four qualifying matches, and thus, standing in the fourth place in the point table with an advantage of just 2 points over the fifth and sixth placed teams. In this situation, Argentina is going to face Paraguay on 9 September with the intention of a victory. Argentina’s defeat to Paraguay could see the Latin American giants slip to the sixth place with just two matches in hand.

It is true that Maradona’s greatness as a footballer would never be questioned, but as a coach, he has got to do a very challenging task now and that is to guide Argentina to reach the world cup 2010 finals. Now, let us see if Maradona, who is always known for his never-give-up mentality, could turn Argentina around ahead of the Paraguay match.

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  1. Now that Argentina has lost to Paraguay, he needs to quit his position as the Coach. Otherwise, he will lose the resspect of his teaming Argentine fans if Argentina fails to qualify for the World Cup finals for the first time in 30 years.