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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Time and Venue of Community Shield 2009

There are now even less than 20 hours before the start of Community Shield 2009. Manchester United was the league champions last season while Chelsea won the title of FA Cup. So, they are going to start the English football season with this clash. I remember that it happened in 2007- the same two teams played and Manchester United won in penalty shootout. I hope that the same thing would not happen tomorrow.

The match will start at: 15:00 BST (British Standard Time). It is excellent time for most football fans around the world. This time means that it will be around 8-9 PM in South Asia. 10-11 PM in most parts of East Asia, 4-7 PM in Africa and Middle East, 3-5 PM in most European countries and early morning in USA and Mexico. So, the timing is ideal for most football fans around the world.

The match will take place in Wembley Stadium, London. Wembley is perhaps the most glamorous stadium on earth with full of football histories. It is a new stadium with a long tradition. 90,000 people can enjoy matches and I am expecting a full house tomorrow. Manchester United and Chelsea both are now busy with final preparations and the players would surely go the stadium with only one thing in mind- winning.

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