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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Real Madrid vs Barcelona La Liga 08-09: Who Will Win?

(This entry was originally published on Thursday, April 30th, 2009)

This is the question now in the mind of millions of fans of these two clubs every where. In fact, whenever we give live score to any match involving Real Madrid or Barcelona we notice that many people come from USA and Mexico to enjoy the updates. So, don’t think that only Spanish people will wait for the outcome of this match. In some Asian countries like China, you can be assured that more people will watch the game in TV than in Spain. Thus, a clash of Real Madrid and Barcelona has become something like a mini World Cup final match.

This time, in the league table, Barcelona is in good form. Also in Europe, the Catalan giant is in top form. Real Madrid suffered a humiliating exit from Champions League while Barcelona is playing in the semifinal. In the point table, Barcelona has a commanding lead. In the corresponding fixture, Barcelona dominated and won the match that took place in the home stadium of Barcelona. Now, the match is going to take place in Madrid. So, they will have home advantage. On the other hand, Barcelona coach will want his players to demolish Real Madrid because next Wednesday, they are going to travel to London to face Chelsea in the second leg of Champions League. In fact, the next one week can be decisive for the Catalan giant both in home and Europe. They have excellent season so far. If they just lose both of these two matches then they will be out of Euoropean glory and even their title hope in La Liga can suffer a mental setback.

I have not answered to the original question of who will win in the match. I think that it will be a draw.

What do you think? Who will win?

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