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Sunday, August 02, 2009

Rajat Kapoor did not shower to play Siddharth Roy

(This entry was originally posted on Wednesday, February 25th, 2009)

In Siddharth The Prisoner, Rajat Kapoor played the central character, Siddharth Roy. Siddharth is a writer who just came out from prison. In order to play a broken down character, Rajat Kapoor did not take shower for forty days. He did not even shave and grew stubble to bring up that rough look. Director Pryas Gupta was a little bit apprehensive whether Rajat Kapoor would be able to do justification to the character but like a true professional actor, Rajat Kapoor took up the challenge.

In the movie, Rajat Kapoor may not look like a broken down person but in real life, Rajat is a very good looking actor. He said that he firmly believes that the look of the character is very important. While the director was discussing the movie with Rajat, he was not sure whether a good looking tall actor with fair complexion be able to play the character of a prisoner. However, Rajat Kapoor knew that he would suit the character very well and he convinced Pryas to do a look test. Before doing the test, Rajat did not shave for eight days and did not even have a shower. After a week, when Rajat went to Pryas, he was very much impressed with Rajat. Rajat believes that this is the part of an actor’s job. If playing a character means the actor should grow beards then he should. Rajat is very happy with his performance in the movie and he referred as one of his best till date.

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