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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

FA Community Shield 2009: New Players are the Big Attraction?

As a competition of English football, FA Community Shield has lost its prestige these days. Today, participating teams does not take this season opening one-match competition with great importance and that is pretty much understandable too. Players and clubs do not take it seriously because they do not want to pick up any fresh injury before the premier league begins.

However, the story is different when it comes to football fans and television coverage. No doubt, Community Shield is not as big a title in English football as it was once used to be, but this match still has huge attraction among the football fans because this is a match through which participating teams present their newly signed players before the fans for the first time. Moreover, as it is a match between the reigning champions of Premier league and FA Cup, most of the time the participating teams of Community Shield come from the big four sides and other popular sides. So, lots of football fans eagerly wait for the match.

Naturally, the community shield match is a hot cake for the television channels too. TV channel who has the right to cover it always tries to make the best out of this match. TV commercials are sold with high price for this game and it is a big way for the channel to start the season, making some quick cash in.

Community Shield 2009 would not be different as well. Premier league champion Manchester United and FA Cup winner Chelsea are lined up to face each other on 9 August for the Community Shield title and the football fans are eagerly waiting to see the new stars of their favorite clubs.

So, though it is a match that coaches want to avoid, this match has huge attraction among the football fans. Now, let us see if Manchester United and Chelsea are going to feature their newly signed players in the upcoming FA Community Shield 2009 match.

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