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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Everton vs Arsenal Match Live Updates: 15 August 2009

FInal Result: Arsenal has won the match by 6-1

Everton (1) ----------- Arsenal (6)

90 minutes: at last a goal for Everton

89 minutes: bad luck for Arshevin. HIs shot hit the bar but Eduardo got the goal and Arsenal has scored 6 goals in the match.

86 minutes: Just few mionuites left

83 minutes: Everton on good attack

80 minutes: Arsenal is looking for another goal. THey gotr a corner now

77 minutes: Everton is still looking for one goal from Almunia

74 minutes: Arsenal fans are singing but not happy as Arshevin did not get a goal in teh match

70 minutes: Best goal from Fabregas. It was a great goal and Arsenal leading 5-0

65 minutes: Arsenal is again looking dangerous

61 minutes: Everton got a freekick from dangerous position but punch from Almunia

58 minutes: Change of player for Everton. IN fact, double substitution.

55 minutes: Arsenal has got a corner

51 minutes: Arsenal fans are hoping that they can see one goal from Arshevin today

48 minutes: The best goal came from Fabregas and it is the fourth goal for Arsenal. Arsenal is leading 4-0

46 minutes: Second half just started. Be with for live updates.

45 minutes: It is half time. COme after few minutes for live updates. Arsenal is leading by 3-0

44 minutes: Everton is looking for a goal before half time

40 miunutes: Goal number 3 for Arsenal. Fabregas took the freekick and a free header for Gallas.

40 minutes: Freekick for arsenal

36 minutes: What a goal from Arsenal again. Vermalean did a good header and Arsenal is now leading by 2-0

33 minutes: bad luck for everton. They came very close but ball was cleared from goal line

30 minutes: Arsenal is now better team. Everton players are trying to be some physical which is not good and can cause anotehr goal

26 miutes: What a goal from Denlison. Arsenal is leading by 1-0 now.

24 minutes: Freekick for Everton but Almunia got the ball neatly

20 minutes: Good attack from Arsenal but better defending from Everton

15 miutes: A boring match so far. NO real attack from anyone.

10 MINUTES: No team is dominating or even atack,ing well. NO clear chance in the match in 10 minutes

5 minutes: Arsenal on attack

1 minute: the match has just strted be with us for live updates and score of the match

Everton and Arsenal are going to face each other today in a high-profile match up of premier league. With this match, both clubs would start their new season. The match kicks off at 17:30 BST. Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match with live text commentary. So, be with us and enjoy the live updates of the match.

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