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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

English Premier League 2009-10 Season Preview

English Premier League football season 2009-10 is going to start from August 15, 2009 or from this Saturday. Most of the matches on the round one will take place on Saturday and there are two matches to be played on Sunday. It is a new season and most of the players are perhaps now very fresh as they did not have any other competition after the end of normal football season. I like to remind readers that in 2008, after the end of the normal season, there was Euro 2000 championship. So, many of the players from European countries where exhausted. Therefore, the fans can expect to have a more refreshing and exciting season from the beginning this time.

The transfer of summer Window is still going on and already, we have noticed that Manchester City has spent a lot of money and has emerged as one of the leading candidates for the title- at least on paper. Of course, they have got a lot of money from Middle East and they are trying to emulate the strategy of Chelsea football club. They have collected some big names from Arsenal and Manchester united. The main dream of Manchester City in the season is to emerge as one of the top four clubs in English premier League.

Right now, arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are considered to be the four giants in English football. In England, the first three placed football teams in premier league automatically qualify for UEFA Champions League in Europe. So, it brings a lot of extra cash in terms of sponsorship and television revenue. It is also a prestige issue. The fourth team does not qualify for Champions League automatically but they have to face another club from another country in Europe and then they can qualify for the final stage. In fact, I have noticed that in the last few years, almost all the time, four clubs from England played in Champions league.

So, I understand the interest of Manchester City owner about spending huge amount of money for buying star players in summer transfer window. Manchester City officials are hopeful that they can take the place of arsenal and emerge as one of the super 4. This is a very worrying matter for Arsenal supporters as their club is without any trophy for the last four years. Arsenal coach is confident that this time his young players will be able to do something big and his club will not be out of the top of 4 position. Many people do not agree with this opinion of Wenger. They think that in this season, Arsenal will be out of the top four place. We will perhaps have to wait another eight to nine months to know who is right.

Manchester united is the current league champion but I think that they have lost two very valuable players. The loss of Ronalo and Tevez will surely hurt them a lot. They need to fill up the vacuum as soon as they can or else I am sure that they will suffer a lot this season. Of course, Manchester United has perhaps the most experienced and successful coach in English premier league and he is Alex Ferguson. He and his players are confident and the supporters are also very confident. Many supporters will feel that Manchester United should take Europe more seriously than England in the season. In the last season, they lost the final match of Champions league and it gave a lot of pain to all the supporters of the club.

This time, Chelsea coach did not go on a spending spree. Instead it seems that he was more focused on consolidating the existing squad. In the last season, Chelsea won the title of FA CUP and this did not satisfy the supporters. This time, they want something more and they want to have either English premier league title or champions league. I have to say that Chelsea has got some top quality players who can defeat anyone in their good day. Let’s see what they can achieve in the current season.

Liverpool was like a dark horse in most part of the season last time and they were very unlucky not to have won the title of English premier league. This time, the supporters are hopeful that they can again come back to the glory but I don’t think that they spent enough money in the transfer window. I feel that they need to get at least one quality striker and another player in the midfield position.

It has perhaps become some tragic that talking about English football has become limited to the top four clubs who are dominating England and Europe. Hopefully, this reason Manchester City can cause some big upsets and establish a new order in England.

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