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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arsene Wenger: Big Money and Euro League

Global football is now a very big industry and a substantial amount of money is in European leagues only. So, there are some really very big European clubs like real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United etc. They get a lot of money from selling tickets, sponsorship and TV lights but it is difficult for them to get all the freedom they desire in buying and selling players. In fact the difference between these clubs and other clubs in their own domestic leagues are too much and it causes a lot of problems sometime. That is why, Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger things that within one decade, there is going to be a European league. Of course, at this moment there is champions league but it is not a weekly affair.

BBC reported:

Wenger said: "Maybe in 10 years you will have a European league.

"The way we are going, the money coming in from the Champions League, for some clubs, will not be enough any more."

The Frenchman added: "I'm not sure 100% that I am right but I feel that there are some voices behind the scenes in our game aiming to do something about a European league, especially if the rules become too restrictive for the big clubs as things currently stand."

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