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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Arsenal vs Middlesbrough EPL 27 April 2009: Preview and Live Score

(This entry was originally published on Saturday, April 25th, 2009)

I hope that many of you today enjoyed our live coverage of Manchester United vs Tottenham match and I was surprised to see that most people came from the UK. Tomorrow, is an another day and another match. Arsenal is going to take on Middlesbrough and both teams will play for a win.

In the point table, Arsenal is now on the 4th position with 62 points from 33 matches. They are trailing Chelsea by 9 points (Chelsea has 71 points from 34 matches). So, there is almost no possibility for them to finish 3rd in table. However, they are ahead of Aston Villa by 7 points (Aston Villa has played one match more). So, their 4th spot looks some solid too. You know that the 4th spot means an opportunity to play in Champions League next season. That is why, I feel that in tomorrow’s match, the Gunners are without any pressure. They have nothing to gain or lose. However, do not forget that they are going to face Manchester United in the semifinal of UEFA Champions League. Thus, it will be a preparation for that match.

Well, if Arsene Wenger has no pressure at this moment for tomorrow’s match, it is the just the opposite for Middlesbrough manager Gareth Southgate. They are on the firing zone and they are worried for relegation. In fact, Middlesbrough has got just 31 points from 33 matches and if they lose the match then they will be in real danger. So, the players of the club know that they have to fight for everything all the way. Their main worry is perhaps the form of Arsenal club at this moment. This season, at one stage, the Gunners looked very weak and out of touch. However, they have strongly come back in the last few matches.

Andrey Arshavin has become the latest sensation for the Gunners. He scored 4 goals in the match against Liverpool and I felt that It was Andrei Arshavin vs Liverpool Match. He amazed everyone in Euro 2008 and Arsene Wenger was crazy to get him. You know that normally, Arsene Wenger does not try to buy players with a lot of money. However, he made an exception about Arshavin. He is improving in every match. He is also getting some goals too. Middlesbrough players must keep a close watch on him and keep him under guard. Otherwise, he can bring disaster for Middlesbrough in tomorrow’s match.

The match kick off time is 13:30 BST and it will take place on Emirates Stadium. So, the gunners will have home advantage. I know that after the spirited performance against Liverpool, many fans will expect that Arsenal demolishes Middlesbrough tomorrow. I am a big Arsenal fan and I also have the same expectation.

You know that many websites provide live score of EPL matches. I like BBC Football and Livescore.com.

Enjoy the match tomorrow and let me know your idea about it.

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