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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Sondra Fortunato: For and Against of enough Clothes

(This entry was originally published in this blog December 2008 and it is based on the information of that time.)

Sometimes, I can not understand the mentality of American people about the definition of ‘wearing enough clothes’. Take a look at the example of Sondra Fortunato who is a hot and sexy fan of New York Giants. She often goes to the stadium to enjoy the matches of her favorite team wearing very short dress. It seems that she not only lives to enjoy the matches but she likes to entertain the spectators with her short dress. This is nothing unnatural because in any sports in USA, you can see woman wearing very short dress. Think of the cheerleaders.

To tell you the story of Sondra Fortunato in shot, I am quoting from a report of NY Post:

She was told that her bag and signs were not allowed in the stadium, which she knew: In 2006, Sondra was arrested after carrying a sign, but was quickly allowed back in the stadium. She says team brass routinely ignores its no-sign policy - for others.

Then, she was lectured about her clothes.

“They said, ‘Can’t you come to the stadium dressed like a regular person?’ ” she said. “They said there were a lot of kids there.”

She was advised to wear a sweater to games.

“I guess some ladies got jealous and complained,” groused Sondra, who lives in Toms River, NJ.

This matter has created a lot of attention in USA and according to Google trend, at this moment, most people in USA are searching about Sondra Fortunato. We can expect that in the next few days, we will hear a lot of discussion and debate about Sondra Fortunato. Many people will support her while many others will criticize her. Her pictures and video will become desired things for many people in internet.

I was thinking about those people who would support or oppose her. Americans are passionate about their football, despite the fact that most people on earth associate another sport (soccer) with the word football. Her critics may feel that Sondra Fortunato has acted disgracefully by coming to the stadium with a bad dress on her body. They would also suggest that it is immoral because there were many children present in the stadium and millions of children had watched the match in television. They may feel that Sondra Fortunato is hungry for media attention and she is ready to do anything to become famous.

It is true that Sondra Fortunato has really become famous and her name will be in the media and internet for the next few days. Her supporters will say that New York Giants officials had overreacted and she has her right to wear any kind of dress. They might also like to point out to the dress worn by WWE girls. In WWE, some girls really wear very short dress and many children go to watch WWE wrestling matches. Secondly, many people in USA are fan of girls wearing swimsuit. If you look at the Hollywood movies then you will notice that in 99% of the movies, you can see actresses wearing much worse dress than Sondra Fortunato.

In the end, it is up to you to decide whether you like to offend or defend Sondra Fortunato. I really wish that a healthy debate arises from this incident. People should discuss both sides of the coin.

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