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Friday, July 03, 2009

Real Madrid Director General Jorge Valdano on the Club’s Spending Spree

Real Madrid has been in a spending spree since Florentino Pérez became the club president for the third time. He now seems to follow big-signing approach, which he followed during his first two terms as Real Madrid president, in order to make a star-studded squad. This approach worked very well during his first team as the club president, but the club failed to perform at the same level towards the end of his second term which eventually led him to step down as Real Madrid president in 2006.

Real Madrid has already signed two super stars of today’s football: Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo. Real Madrid needed to spend 93 and 65 million euros to get the service of Ronaldo, who is world’s no. 1 player at this moment, and Kaka respectively. Moreover, Real Madrid is now very close to secure young French striker Karim Benzema. The club is still eyeing on Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso and Bayern Munich midfielder Franck Ribéry.

Real Madrid faced some criticism from Spanish government for their spending spree amid the global economic recession. UEFA president Michel Platini thinks that Real Madrid’s spending nature is not normal and it could be a threat for the financial balance in the European league competitions.

However, Jorge Valdano, the director general of Real Madrid, thinks that Real Madrid can afford to go for such big money signings because the Spanish club is world’s richest club at this moment. He thinks that the club makes huge sum of profit and that is why, it has the ability to buy the service of many star players.

Well, there is a financial advantage of signing star players. Real Madrid experienced this advantage during Pérez’s first two terms as the club president because Real Madrid became the world’s richest club in 2005 by selling t-shirts of those star players as well as souvenirs. The signing of Kaka could reportedly generate 100 million dollars extra for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid fans would like to see success on the field. They would not like to know how much money the club generates per year. In terms of on-field performance, Real Madrid was really miserable last season and they would now like to see silverware at Bernabeu. Now, let us see if the newly signed stars can bring out success at the club.

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