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Monday, July 06, 2009

Nike’s latest golf clubs: SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO² STR8-FIT

(This entry was originally published in this blog December 2008 and it is based on the information of that time.)

In the game of golf, getting the right club is very much important. A good hit from the golfer can change the face of the game. Nike, one of the pioneer companies in sports equipment industries, introduced new golf drivers with changeable head positions. Nike’s new SQ DYMO STR8-FIT and SQ DYMO² (square-shape) STR8-FIT drivers are going to change the face of golf forever. The clubs will be released in April 2009. They come with Nike’s latest technology which allows the golfer to change the position of the club head according to the nature of the course and game. This will dramatically improve the ball flight.

The new SQ Dymo STR8-Fit is the longest and straightest driver ever produced by Nike. It will help the golfers to dramatically improve their tee shots. Now, they would not have to use “multiple shafts” and “movable weights.” Market Watch reports:

……For example, if a golfer is pushing, fading or slicing the ball too much and they wish to draw the ball or hit more to the left for a particular course set up, they can change the position of their clubface to a more closed position. If a golfer is hooking, pulling or drawing the ball more than they wish, they can manually change the clubface to a more open position. Club face angles range from a neutral position of zero degrees to both one and two degrees closed or open.

There are three different clubhead positions, two ‘neutral’ positions and three ‘open’ positions. Golfers will have to change the positions mannually. Nike’s athletes are using the prototypes of the two clubs and experiencing great improvements in their games. K.J. Choi, is the first person to use the club in January 2008, won the Soney Open Championship. The clubs also brought victory to Anthony Kim in Wachovia Championship and AT&T Classic. The two drivers are available in round and square shape with a STR8-FIT shaft adapter.

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