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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Miss Belize wants to be the first woman to win Miss World 2008

(This entry was originally published in this blog December 2008 and it is based on the information of that time.)

Name: Miss Charmaine Chinapen

Miss Belize, Charmaine Alisha Chinapen, is a perfect B2 (Beauty and Brain). This twenty one year old is definitely going to catch audience’s attention in the final round. Charmaine describes herself as an emphatic, compassionate and goal oriented person. Charmaine also has great patience because it takes a lot of time to read Physical Chemistry Quantum Mechanics books. Charmaine is born to Guyanese parents in Curacao. Her father is a banker. Due to her father’s profession, she moved to different places.

Age: 21

Height: 174 centimeters

Languages: Charmaine can fluently speak in English. She can speak conversational Spanish.

Education and future plans: Charmaine Chinapen has an excellent academic background. In 2004, Charmaine made a record in Country of Belize CXC (Caribbean Examination Council). Charmaine graduated in the second place from St. Catherine Academy. Currently, a senior at St. John’s University, New York, Charmaine is going to start her final semester. She majored in Chemistry and did her minor in Philosophy of Physical Sciences. Charmaine wants to become a neurosurgeon.

Favorite foods: Charmaine is sea food lover. Stuffed clams, lobsters, and crab cakes are some of her favorite sea foods.

Sports and outdoor activities: Charmaine loves rock climbing, swimming, track and field, hiking in the Belizean rainforest, and cycling. During her teenage years, she spent a lot time exploring the Maya ruins and the famous barrier reef.

Hobbies and other interests: Charmaine loves performing arts. She received special trainings in singing, song writing, piano, dancing, acting, etc. Charmaine also likes to write short stories and does fashion designs. In her free times, she plays with her German shepherd, Elle, and play videogames with her brother.

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