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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Champions League Cricket in October 2009

(This entry was originally published in this blog December 2008 and it is based on the information of that time. The entry got deleted and I am again posting it here.)

You know that Champions Twenty20 League cricket was supposed to take place in 3rd December 2008 in India. But because of a terrorist attack in Mumbai, it got canceled and it seems that it will not take place at all this year and even it will be impossible to organize it before October next year. In October 2009, the first Champions Twenty20 League will take place. It was decided in the past that the second edition of Champions league would take place in October 2009. So, it is clear now that we are going to lose one edition of this tournament. Off course most people would not bother because it was a club style twenty20 cricket tournament.

I am just worried for one thing. Next year Twenty20 world cup cricket 2009 is supposed to take place. Then there is ICC Champions Trophy cricket or Mini World Cup. After that, I don’t know how many people will get too much excited to enjoy Champions Trophy arranged by BCCI. Well, it is only one week program and it would not create too much problem. I am also very eager to know that what will happen to the sponsorship money that ESPN STAR Sports was supposed to pay for Champions league 2008.

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