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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cricket 2009: A war between India and South Africa over supremacy

(This entry was originally published on Saturday, January 3rd, 2009)

It seems that 2008 was a year in which we saw the sudden destruction of Australia. Ofcourse, it is too early to say this kind thing because Australia will be very busy in 2009 as they will play against West Indies and also against England and then there is Champions Trophy and ICC World Twenty20 2009. So Australian players will have plenty of opportunities to perform and prove that they are not finished yet. After Australia, there are now two teams-India and South Africa, and both of them have recently defeated Australia. Australian team went to India last month and lost to India in a test series. Now, they are playing against South Africa in home and again they have lost the series. So now, the main focus of cricket fans all over the world is on South Africa and India instead of Australia. So, it will be a year for both India and South Africa to fight for supremacy. Until now, hardly anyone could think that Australia can be defeated. Now, they have been defeated and I think that it will give a psychological boost to India and South Africa. Now, let us see who can be the boss of world cricket in 2009.

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