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Monday, July 06, 2009

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal’s Reputation of Nurturing Talents Gives Arsenal an Advantage in Transfer Market

(This entry was originally published in this blog December 2008 and it is based on the information of that time.)

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has at last revealed the secret by which Arsenal convinces parents to send their children at the North London club. The secret is Arsenal’s fame as a club that knows very well how to nurture the young talents. This reputation as an expert club for developing young players gives Arsenal an advantage while recruiting players.

Goal.com reported:

“Most of the time it is [down to] the first contact,” Wenger explained to the club’s official website. “The player thinks ‘he wanted me first’. That develops a kind of trust and confidence.

“In Arsenal’s case it is also our history. When we say to a player ‘we believe in you, we think you are good enough. Look at our midfield, the oldest one is 21’ the parents believe us. They know they will get a chance.”

There is no doubt, Arsenal’s reputation of building up new talents serves the club as an advantage in the recruitment market, but I think, there is another thing that also helps Arsenal to convince the parents and that is the reputation of manager Arsene Wenger himself. He is well known for his ability to bring the best out of a young player and knows it very well how to inspire his young players. Look at the development of English winger Theo Walcott who has been in excellent form so far this season. So, I think, Wenger is another big reason behind Arsenal’s success in its youth policy.

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