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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Who will Win in India vs Pakistan T20 Practice Match on 3 June 2009?

If you want to get the live score and updates of the practice match between India and Pakistan, then visit the following link:

India vs Pakistan Practice Match Live Updates: 3 June 2009

Just exactly 10 hours left before the match. I guess that the players of both countries in England are sleeping or have just got up from sleep. I wonder what is going on in their minds at this moment? They should be under a lot of mental pressure because the supporters of two countries are now hoping that only their team will win. Both India and Pakistan are considered to be among top favorites to the trophy of Twenty20 World Cup 2009. The reason is that in the previous edition of this event in 2007, the two teams played in one of the greatest finals in cricket history.

There is just one problem this time, the condition in England is not very favorable to the players of India and Pakistan. We have already seen that in the first practice match, both of them lost and what was very shocking to me was that the players of Indian parties than suffered to score against spin bowling. It was really very shocking to all the fans Because the players offer these two countries are considered to be the best of facing this kind of bowling. So, what went wrong? This is a question that We have to try to find the answer in today’s match.

Anyway, today is a new day and a new match will take place. What is perhaps Fascinating to note is that if there is no other India vs Pakistan match in the tournament then you can be sure that today’s match will be one of the most viewed matches in television in twenty20 world cup 2009. Judging by the performance of the first match, it seems to me that both of the teams have almost equal opportunity to win today. Of course you may feel that Pakistan lost by a great margin but you have to remember that the opponent was SA. On the other hand, India lost in a closely contested mask but the opponent was New Zealand that is a weak team.

The match will start at 17:30 local (16:30 GMT) time. So, it will be an excellent time for television viewers of India and Pakistan because they can enjoy the match while eating dinner or after eating dinner. So, it is clear that tonight will be a happy night for the supporters of one country and the supporters of another country will go to bed with a lot of sadness.

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