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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Watch India vs Ireland T20 Match live on Star Cricket TV Channel

Normally, this match should not have any value but it has become very important today. In the last match, Ireland Defeated Bangladesh and ensured a place in super 8 stage but the problem is that India must win the match against them or else they will be in some kind of problem in the next round. Of course, all the Indian supporters are expecting nothing but defeating the Irish players by a huge margin. However, the way the Irish players played against Bangladesh, the Indian supporters should not take anything for granted. Not only that, we have already seen that in the opening match, Netherlands defeated England and caused the most shocking upset of the season. Also, Australia is out of the tournament already. So, if you are an Indian supporter then do not take anything for granted to night.
You can enjoy the match in many TV channels. However, if you’re in India then star cricket is the channel for you. I think that most of the TV viewers will basically come from India in tonight’s match.

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