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Monday, June 08, 2009

Stan Kroenke: The Biggest Man in Arsenal Board Now

Stan Kroenke is a smart man and he has been able to increase his share in Arsenal football club to 28.3%. He is now the largest shareholder in the board of this club. There is an intense competition between Stan Kroenke of USA and Alisher Usmanov of Russia to become the owner of the London based Club. Now, with this latest round of acquisition of shares, the American Billionaire has moved one step ahead of his Russian counterpart. Kroenke is a famous name in USA in the sports arena. He is owner of several teams in different sports such as American Football, Ice Hockey, MLS etc.

His experience is valueable and it can enrich the London club a lot if he becomes the owner. His emergence as the top shareholder has been welcomed by Arsenal Supporters’ Trust (AST). I also feel that it can bring good thing for the club because he is a real businessman with good experience in the sports industry. In the time of economic recession, many clubs in Europe are suffering financially. Arsenal is one of the few clubs with sound economic condition without any major trophy for the last few years.

I am just concerned with one thing. He is a billionaire and he is mainly busy in the real estate sector. Even in sports, he is totally consumed with his teams in USA. So, if he becomes the owner of the club how he can give time in London?

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PS: This entry was originally published on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009 but then it got deleted.

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