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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Roque Santa Cruz in Arsenal to take Place of Emanuel Adebayor?

First of all, I believe that Roque Santa Cruz is good player. He just needed to be in a big club and if he comes to Arsenal then he will surely be a good addition. However, I have reservation to agree to the point that he can be a good replacement for Emanuel Adebayor. I cannot understand why Adebayor is desperate to join Milan. He is young and he will be most of the time in bench. Specially, he should remember the lessons of Vieira or Petit who made similar mistakes and their career almost ended after they left London. I feel that Adebayor is doing the same mistake.

Anyway, let us talk about Santa Cruz now. He is in good form his country and his current club Blackburn Rovers. In fact, Manchester City wanted to buy him with a huge amount of money a few months ago but that him Blackburn did not want to sell him. Now, Arsene Wenger wants to get him and it seems that Blackburn would not mind.

Arsene Wenger needs to get some top quality strikers and I hope that the can get them soon. Tomorrow, Arsenal is going to play in an away match against Portsmouth. I hope that they can win it easily.

(This entry was originally uploaded in May 2009 in this blog. Then, it had to be deleted for technical problem. I am uploading again it today).

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