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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Manchester City: The Threat for Big Four in Premier League?

Since its Arab takeover last Summer, Manchester City has found money coming in a flurry and jumped in the transfer market to sign big stars like Robinho. However, the Eastlanders failed to live up to the expectation as they could not make it to the last four in premier league last season.

Well, that does not mean that City would stop spending money in the transfer market this summer. In fact, the club has already singed Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry recently and it seems that City has not finished its marketing yet ahead of next season. The question is that if money would bring success at Eastland next season. If it does then, it is inevitable that any of the four big clubs including Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal would have to make way for them. Now, the question is who are going to lose their top-four status to accommodate Manchester City in premier league.

Let us start with Manchester United. The Red Devils are now one of the most influential clubs in the Europe. They have been champion in premier league for the last three seasons and have made it to the European final twice in the last two seasons. Naturally, their dominance in Europe and England has gone beyond any doubt. The most important thing is that Manchester United has a balanced squad in the presence of some of the veterans like Ryan Giggs as well as the youngsters like Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani, Park and Jonny Evans. Moreover, they have someone like Sir Alex Ferguson who knows it very well how to keep the balance in the squad. Most importantly, Manchester United has a very big squad, and thus, they can take advantage during the busy phase of the seaon. So, I do not think the Manchester United would have to make way for their city rivals in the top four.

Liverpool has shown excellent progress over the last few seasons and they have grown excellent well during this time. This year, they finished second to Manchester United in the premier league and they have been pretty much consistent in Europe too. Under the guidance of Rafael Benitez and inspirational captain Steven Gerrard, Liverpool is now on its way to retain its dominance in premier league. They have young talented players Fernando Torres and experienced players like Xabi Alonso. So, I do not see Liverpool as the team to be outperformed by Manchester City in the next few seasons.

Let us now focus on Arsenal. The record of last few seasons would suggest that Arsenal is the weakest side among the top four in premier league. Yes, it is true. However, I do not think that the Gunners will make way for City. They might be without any silverware over the last few seasons, but I think, the club is going through a transitional period and is on the verge of getting into a period of success. Their squad has players like Theo Walcott, Cesc Fabregas who have started showing their prominence recently. It is true that Wenger is no that much interested to rely on transfer market. Rather, the Frenchman is more likely to make his youth side as much powerful as possible. It also helps the club financially as well. So, I do not that Arsenal would have to struggle to stick to their place in the top four.

However, I have some doubts over Chelsea. No doubt, they have achieved a lot since the club was taken over by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich in 2003. However, there is one thing that you should count on. Chelsea squad does not include young batch of players who could be the future of the club. Moreover, Abramovich does not seem to spend as much in Summer 2009 as he used to in the past. Chelsea’s youth policy is not impressive at all. In fact, Chelsea youth side failed to present any future talent after John Terry.

So, I think, if Manchester City can move to the top four thanks to their spending spree than Chelsea could be the club to make way for them. What do you think about it?

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