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Monday, June 08, 2009

Gavin Hamilton Uncertain about the Future of Scotland Cricket

Scotland captain Gavin Hamilton did not hide his frustration about the downgrading quality of Scotland cricket. After the 130-run defeat at the hands of South Africa in their first game of twenty20 world cup, Hamilton said that his team was playing against some of the best big hitters in the world, as he was trying to find some excuses for South Africa’s total of 211 for 5. However, the batsman also added that Scotland must improve on their current level if they are to show impressive performance against big teams.

Expressing his concern about the future of Scotland cricket, Hamilton called for setting up a cricket academy in the county and stressed that Scotland needs at least half a dozen full-time player. Here, it is noteworthy that most of the members of the Scotland squad are not full time players and that is why, professionalism has not grown fully in Scottish cricket. Moreover, those who look prominent are called up by ECB to play for England. This has become a big obstacle for Scotland.

Cricket is not yet a popular game in Scotland. So, professionalism is still far away to think about and it is not possible for Scotland to set up a domestic league of their own (at this moment they are part of English county cricket). I agree with Hamilton that setting up a cricket academy would be a viable option for Scotland to improve their cricket in the years to come. If the academy can churn out some big stars of cricket, then cricket would also get much more popularity in the cricket in what would be a huge boost for Scotland cricket.

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