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Thursday, June 04, 2009

10 Reasons: Not to become Passionate about Football

First of all, here, by football, I am indicating soccer not American football. I have been a keen admirer of football from my childhood. Still, I watch a lot of matches, especially of English Premier League (EPL) and UEFA Champions League. However, I think that most people should not become too much crazy for this game. There are some negative aspects and I am giving you some of them here.

1. Some people every year get injured and even killed from football related violence. Wikipedia has an entry about it: Football hooliganism and it wrote:

In 1964 in Peru, more than 300 football fans died and another 500 were injured in Lima, Peru in a riot during an Olympic qualifying match between Argentina and Peru in 24 May.

2. Many fans become too much addicted and crazy for their favorite teams. This addiction can become deadly. I live in Bangladesh and Argentina is in another part of the world. Still, thousands of people are crazy for Argentine football team and in World Cup 2008, some passionate fans died from heart attack after Argentine national football team suffered an exit from the quarter final stage.

3. World Cup Soccer has negative affects in the economies of many countries because for one month, millions of people are busy with only thing. The irony is that World Cup football affects the economies of some Asian countries more despite the fact that none of the Asian countries could ever win the trophy. But it happens because millions of people in Asia are passionate supporters of Argentine or Brazil.

4. Getting too much addicted to football can surely destroy your couple life. “Football widow” has become a popular expression to indicate those wives who suffer in the couple life because their husbands are too much addicted to football in television or in the stadium.

5. Have you ever played football? Then you should know that it is a dangerous game and at any moment, you can get physically injured.

6. Addiction to football can also cause a lot of harm to education.

7. In popular football matches, Sometimes 50 to 92,000 people can come to the stadium and it can cause a lot of traffic jam.

8. Too much money is spent for football and sponsorship and TV deals. I really wish that the money was spent in better things.

9. Children and teenagers often love to think celebrity footballers as their role models. However, many footballers are involved with things like gambling, going to prostitutes, alcohol abuse, partying whole night in night clubs etc. almost all of the top footballers are too much fond of luxury and I wonder if there is anything positive that the children can learn from these role models.

10. Football can destroy your friendship.

Final words: I like football too and I think it is the best form of entertainment in the world. So, learn to enjoy the entertainment side of football but do not get too much offices are crazy because then, it can destroy your life.

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  1. Anonymous4:06 PM

    you are an idiot.
    #1. People get killed doing everything.

    #2. Heart attacks happen...see 1.

    #3.. South Korea came very close to winning in 2002. They placed 4th.

    #4. Same can be said for video games, food, other sports...not a good argument.

    #5. See 1 and 2

    #6. ...and the evidence for this is? (your grammar?)

    #7...seriously? Traffic Jams?

    #8. That money eventually comes back to the workers by spending on banner making, food production, technicians, etc.

    #9. Almost all celebrities have vices (just like normal people)...welcome to the real world.

    #10. Football is a great way to meet new people and make new friends! Who wants to be friends with people who don't like it anyway?