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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Practice Matches Schedule of T20 World Cup 2009

Get the live updates of India vs New Zealand T20 World Cup 2009 Practice Match

Get the updated score of Pakistan vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2009

Twenty20 (t20) world cup is going to start from June 5 2009. This is the second edition of this event. In fact, now, we have 3 world cup cricket events: ICC World Cup (ODI matches and consisting of 16 countries), Champions Trophy (Consisting of just 8 countries) and Twenty20 World Cup (12 countries). It is needless to say that cricket is far behind than football in popularity but I think that after World Cup football, world cup cricket has largest TV viewership in terms of number. So, you cannot ignore the importance of this event.

T20 World Cup 2009 is taking place in England and this time, the fans expect to see a lot of fours and sixes. The first edition took place in 2007 and in the final, India and Pakistan played. It was indeed a dream final for most fans in South Asia. This time, the fans of South Asia have same wanted- another India Pakistan classic final. I still remember the final match of 2007 and in fact, we gave live score in this blog. That day, nearly 40,000 people came to enjoy our live coverage. From this, you can understand the popularity of T20 cricket.

Now, it is the time of practice matches for T20 World Cup 2009. Today, Bangladesh played against New Zealand and NZ won the match by 4 wickets. Tomorrow, Ireland will play against New Zealand. Then, there are some other matches too and the practice matches will continue until 3 June 2009. In the last day, India will play against Pakistan. So, it will be like a final before final as millions of people will enjoy this match around the world although it is just a practice match.

Here, I am giving the schedule for you of the practice matches of Twenty20 World Cup 2009:

May 26 Tuesday: Bangladesh v New Zealand

May 27 Wednesday: 13:00 GMT Ireland v New Zealand

May 28 Thursday: 12:30 GMT Bangladesh vs Netherlands

May 29 Friday: Bangladesh vs Scotland

June 2009

June 1 Monday

12:30 GMT Australia v Bangladesh

12:30 GMT Ireland v Netherlands

16:30 GMT India v New Zealand

16:30 GMT Pakistan v South Africa

2 June Tuesday

12:30 GMT Ireland v West Indies

12:30 GMT Bangladesh v Sri Lanka

16:30 GMT Australia v New Zealand

16:30 GMT England v Bridge, Nottingham

3 June Wednesday

12:30 GMT South Africa v Sri Lanka

2:30 GMT Netherlands v Scotland

16:30 GMT England v West Indies

16:30 GMT India v Pakistan

For detailed information, visit the schedule page of Cricinfo: http://content.cricinfo.com/wt202009/content/series/393527.html?template=schedule

So, now you have the full schedule. So, enjoy the matches.

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