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Friday, May 15, 2009

MarutiRitz: The new car in India

Today is the day that Maruti Suzuki is going to introduce its latest car which is called MarutiRitz. You know that India is a very important auto market these days because it has one billion populations and most people still do not have any car. So the good potential is image and it seems that the car market will grow for many more years to come. However, at this moment because of economic recession now Indian people are also becoming very cautious but that should not create any problem for Maruti because it is the number one company in Indian auto market.

Maruti is famous for bringing out cheap and inexpensive car. Until TATA motor came with its brand TATA Nano the cheapest car in the world, it was Maruti who dominated the inexpensive market segment in India. So, Maruti Ritz is aimed to further strengthen the condition of the company in inexpensive car segment in India. Of course Maruti is going to face increasing competition from Hyundai in the coming days because Hyundai is also targeting the same range of car that Maruti Ritz will belong to. 

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