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Friday, May 15, 2009

IPL 2009 Online Live Scores in Different Websites

If you want to get the live score and updates of the first semi final of IPL 2009 between Delhi and Deccan, then visit the following link:

Delhi vs Deccan Semi Final Updates: IPL 2009

Indian Premier League 2009 is more than half way mark. Now, we are waiting for the next few matches and then the party will finish for this year. You know that this time, it is taking place in South Africa because of security problem in India about general election 2009. So, many fans in India felt unhappy that they could not go to the stadium. Instead, they had to be satisfied with watching the matches in their TV. This time, in many days, 2 matches took place in weekdays and as a result, many people were in their offices and could not enjoy the matches. So, in the end, TV ratings of IPL may go down a bit in season 2 compared to season 1.

This time, because it is not taking place in India, many fans in the country may seem to be out of touch with the event. So, Internet is a great medium to be updated with IPL condition. I have noticed that this time, many websites are covering IPL related news. In fact, because it is taking place in South Africa, therefore, many South African newspapers and websites are giving adequate coverage to the event.

So far, IPL 2009 has been very eventful. Of course, Shahrukh Khan has caused a lot of fun with his coach John Buchanan off the field to the cricket fans. He has been very busy to create one after another controversy. The cheer leaders are absent most of the time in front of TV viewers. Instead, they have focused more on entertaining the crowd who are present in the stadium. Well, in many matches, I found that there were not even 50% full crowd in the stadium. It happened mainly in the day time (afternoon) matches. So, here, I am giving description and links to websites that are providing live score of IPL 2009 matches:


This is the most popular website based on Cricket and you can get live score and updates with text commentary of all the major cricket tournaments and matches. Besides international matches, Cricinfo also cover the domestic cricket tournament like county cricket of England, India’s Ranji Trophy and Indian Premier League (IPL). So, if you want to get the live score with ball by ball text commentary, then visit this link:


Cricket Next

Cricket Next is another popular cricket portal that also provides the fans with live score and updates as well as text commentary of cricket matches of all major tournaments. Besides live score, Cricket Next also gives cricket news, pictures as well as statistics for the cricket fans. So, if you go and visit Cricket Next for the live score of IPL 2009 matches, then you can also enjoy other things related to cricket and IPL 2009 tournament. To go to the live score section of Cricket Next, click on the following link:


The Times of India

This is not a website dedicated to cricket only. In fact, this is one of the most popular newspapers in India. However, the online version of the newspaper has a sub-domain on IPL where you can get the updated score of an ongoing IPL match. Moreover, you can also enjoy reports and feature articles on IPL in this section of The Times of India. You should click on the following link to go and visit the IPL section of the newspaper:


Yahoo Cricket

Yahoo Cricket is another cricket based website from where you can get to know all the latest of the game. If you are one of those who are interested to have a place from where you can have access to the latest of IPL 2009 matches, then Yahoo Cricket is one of the sites where you can enjoy the live score and updates of the IPL 2009 matches with text commentary. So, visit the following link to reach the Yahoo Cricket website:



This is another website which also provides live updates of IPL matches for the cricket fans. Here, you do not need to refresh the page yourself in order to get the updated score of the match. Rather, the page is automatically updates after every few moments, and thus, the updated score is automatically presented to the cricket fans. If you can interested to visit the site, then click on the following link:


ICC cricket world cup live

This is another website which is totally dedicated to cricket. You can get to know lots of information about IPL in this website, besides live score and updates of the IPL matches. To visit the site, click on the following link:



This website shares the feed of ibibo Live Cricket feed, and thus, allows the visitors to know the latest score of the IPL 2009 matches. You can also get the commentary and graphs of the IPL matches here. So, go and visit the website by clicking on the following link:



Besides live score and updates of IPL 2009 matches, if you also want the graphical presentation of the match statistics, then I would recommend you to go and visit this website. Moreover, you can also get the ball by ball commentary of IPL matches. So, do not waste your time and be quick to click on the link given below:


Chennai Super Kings Live Streaming

This website is totally dedicated to IPL team Chennai Super Kings. The website mainly provides live score and live streaming of Chennai Super Kings matches. However, you can also get the live score and updates of the IPL matches as the website shares the live cricket feed from ibibo. You can go to the website by clicking on the following link:


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