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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Chris Gayle: IPL is more Important than Country?

Earlier today, I wrote an entry that cricket live streaming is becoming a business model as many people are happy to pay for it. It shows that cricket is more becoming a business than a passion. West Indies captain Chris Gayle, is perhaps the latest example who got caught in this problem. On the hand, he was playing in Indian Premier League in South Africa. His team Kolkata Knight Riders performed very badly and I cannot understand why he decided to over stay in South Africa. Now, he has come to England to join his West Indian team mates for the first test tomorrow. The coach of West Indies team is very unhappy and he has not hidden his annoyance over this matter.

Anyway, Chris Gayle is not bothered about this. He thinks that he has done the right thing and he will have no problem to perform in England as he is a professional cricketer. The test series has already lost some importance because of on going IPL 2009 tournament. Chris Gayle has perhaps helped it losing more.

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