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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bangalore vs Deccan IPL Final 2009 Live Updates

Deccan Chargers won the match by 6 runs.

Bangalore Royal Challengers Innings

20 overs: Bangalore is 137/9

19.5 overs: Bangalore is 136/9

19.4 overs: Bangalore is 132/9, 12 runs needed from 2 balls.

19.3 overs: Bangalore is 130/9, No Run

19.2 overs: Bangalore is 130/9, No Run, Robin Uthappa kept the strike.

19.1 overs: Bangalore is 130/9

19 overs: Bangalore is 129/9. Twelve runs came in this over, but Vinay Kumar got out in the last ball.

18 overs: Bangalore is 117/8, RP Singh conceded only 4 runs in this over.

17 overs: Bangalore is 113/8.

16.3 overs: Bangalore is 110/8. Ojha dismissed Praveen Kumar.

16 overs: Bangalore is 108/7. Harmeet Singh picked up the wicket of Boucher for 5 off 6.

15 overs: Bangalore is 103/6

Hat-trick chance for Andrew Symonds.

14.3 overs: Bangalore is 99/6. Kohli got stamped by Gilchrist off Symonds

14.2 overs: Bangalore is 99/5. Ross Taylor got out for 27 of 20 balls.

14 overs: Bangalore is 99/4

13 overs: Bangalore is 91/4

12 overs: Bangalore is 79/4. Just 1 run came in this over and a wicket.

11.4 overs: Bangalore is 79/4. Rahul Dravid got out on 9 after being played on off Harmeet Singh.

11 overs: Bangalore is 78/3

10.2 overs: Bangalore is 72/3

It is now 'time out' break. We will be back soon when the match resumes.

10 overs: Bangalore is 69/3.

After 9 overs, Deccan was 59/3.

9 overs: Bangalore is 59/3. Van der Merew got out for 32 off 21. Ojha picked up another important wicket. Ross Taylor came to the wicket now.

8 overs: Bangalore is 53/2. Nine runs came from Symonds' over.

7 overs: Bangalore is 42/2. Ojha picked up the wicket of Panday who scored only 4 runs off 8 balls.

6 overs: Bangalore is 36/1. Andrew Symonds conceded only 3 run in this over.

5 overs: Bangalore is 33/1. Twelve runs came in this over.

3 Overs: Bangalore is 16/1

2 Overs: Bangalore is 5/0

1 over: Bangalore is 1/0. Good start for Bangalore.

0.1 over: Bangalore is 0/0. Ryan Harris is bowling the first over.

Bangalore Royal Challengers now needs 144 runs to win. It is now innings break at the Wanderers stadium in Johannesburg. We will be back with the Bangalore innings updates. So, be with us and enjoy the live text commentary of IPL 2009 final.

Deccan Chargers Innings

20 overs: Deccan is 143/6. Bilakhia got out in the first ball of the over, then RYan Harris took 9 runs from the remaining 5 balls of the over and Gibbs did not get the striker in the last over.

19 overs: Deccan is 134/5. Gibbs completed his FIFTY, hitting a SIX.

18 overs: Deccan is 125/5.

Anil Kumble bowling figure: 4 overs, 16 runs, 4 wickets.

17 overs: Deccan is 115/5. Kumble got the wickets of Sharma and Venugopal Rao.

16 overs: Deccan is 109/3. Van der Merew produced another good over as he conceded only 8 runs.

15 overs: Deccan is 101/3. After long time, an excellent over for Deccan as they took 21 runs in this over

14 overs: Deccan is 81/3. Both Gibbs and Rohit are trying to score quickly, but Bangalore spinners are bowling very well.

13 overs: Deccan is 74/3. Another excellent over from Anil Kumble.

12 overs: Deccan is 69/3. Van der Merew conceded 4 runs only in this over.

11 overs: Deccan is 65/3

10.1 overs: Deccan is 62/3. Kallis is bowling this over.

It is now 'time out' break, but do not go anywhere. We will be back soon with the updates of the next 10 overs.

10 overs: Deccan is 62/3. Just 3 runs came in this over. Excellent bowling from Praveen Kumar.

9 overs: Deccan is 59/3 Symonds got played on off Kumble. Rohit Sharma came to the wicket now. Excellent over for Deccan.

8 overs: Deccan is 54/2. Symonds hit a huge SIX in this over. Van der Merew came into attack in this over.

7 overs: Deccan is 45/2. Symonds shot two boundaries and Gibbs hit one.

6 overs: Deccan is 31/2 Dravid dropped Symonds at slip. Eight runs came in this over.

5 overs: Deccan is 23/2

4 overs: Deccan is 18/2. Praveen Kumar picked up the wicket of Suman for 10. That means Bangalore got another wicket. Good come back for Praveen Kumnar.

3 overs: Deccan is 15/1

2.2 overs: Deccan is 14/1. Kallis has brought into the attack.

2 overs: Deccan is 13/1 Praveen Kumar conceded 11 runs in this over. Not a good start for the pacer.

1 over: Deccan is 2/1. Excellent start for Deccan Chargers.

0.2 over: Deccan is 0/1. Gilchrist is gone after being bowled off Anil Kumble.

0.1 over: Deccan is 0/0. Anil Kumble is bowling.

In this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the final match of IPL 2009 between Bangalore Royal Challengers and Deccan Chargers. The match will take place at Johannesburg today (Sunday). The match will start within 10 minutes. So, be with us and enjoy the text commentary of the match.

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