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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pakistan vs Australia 3rd ODI 2009: Online Live Score Information

For live score of this match, visit this link:

3rd ODI match 2009: Live Score Updates

I hope that you already know the fact that in the ongoing one day international cricket series between Pakistan and Australia that is being held at Dubai at this moment, the two teams are leveled at 1-1. This is an exciting prospect for the next or 3rd one day international match because whoever will win it will take the lead. In the second ODI, Australian players showed again why they are the best in the world and won it convincingly. Now, they will be hopeful that they can Repeat the same skill and success in the next match that is going to take place on April 27, 2009 Monday.

It is a working day and that is why I do not expect that a huge crowd will turn out just like the second match. However, that does not take away any importance from the match. But the fans of these two countries are eagerly waiting for the outcome and millions of people especially in Pakistan want their cricket team to win it.

Andrew Symonds is confident that that to Australia will do well and he will be able to play an important part. Australian captain Michael Clarke is happy with the performance of his team in the second match and has called upon his teammates to do the same in the next match. Michael Clarke is also confident about his team doing the thing they need to do. He was under a lot of pressure after poor performance against South Africa and that is why it is very important for him to show others that he is now the right leader for his country. I’m happy with the bowling department of Australia and I believe that they are finding their rhythm at last. It is their batsmen who need to work more on their batting skill.

On the other hand, the Pakistani cricketers do not look to me to be in great shape. I do not blame them because they have been out of action for a long time. And the first match, it was that Shahid Afridi who was the one man army for his team and excelled both in batting and bowling. In the second match, he was not in good shape and the team suffered. This is the thing that is perhaps not good for the team because they are getting dependent on just one person in this series. Shoaib Akter has perhaps frustrated his supporters a lot. Many people expected him to cause havoc on the opponents batting line up like past but he has not been able to be near of their expectations.

I have already stated that the match is going to take place in Dubai and that is most people will have to be happy by watching it in TV. Well, if you are outside and do not have access to television then perhaps the next best thing is to enjoy live score by different websites. Some of them are:




So, enjoy the match and come to this blog for reading more. You can find more discussion about the match here: Australia vs Pakistan 3rd ODI match 2009: Detailed Analysis. Who will win?

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