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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Manchester United vs FC Porto CL 9 April 2009: Live Updates

If you want to get the live score and updates of the second round quarter final match of Champions League between FC Porto and Manchester United, then visit the following link:

FC Porto vs Manchester United CL 08-09 Quarter Final Live

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Manchester United (2)--- Porto (2)

94 minutes: The match finished 2-2

91 minutes: Just 2 minutes left.

89 minutes: Porto has got second goal too. Now, it is 2-2

88 minutes: man Utd is hanging on.

85 minutes: manchester United has got the 2nd goal at last. Tevez is the man who got it. man Utd is now leading 2-1

83 minutes: Porto attacked but shot was too wide

80 minutes: CHange of player for Porto. Just 10 minutes left.

77 minutes: Bad luck for Man Utd. They came so close to get the second goal

75 mintes: Alves of Porto shown yellow card. Man Utd got a freekick

72 minutes: Double change for Man Utd.

68 minutes: Dangerous attack from Porto. Man utd was lucky not to suffer a goal.

65 minutes: Man Utd again on attack. They have 60% ball possession in the second half

62 minutes: Man Utd got a freekick

59 minutes: Lovely shot from Rooney and Vidich almost scored the second goal for Man Utd. Best spell of the match for United.

56 minutes: Man utd looks a better team in teh seocnd half

53 minutes: Good attack and good shot from Ronaldo but POrto goalkeeper saved it well

50 minutes: Good attack from Porto but Vidik was upto the mark for Utd

46 minutes: Second half just started. SO, be with us for live updates

Come back within a few minutes.

45 minutes: Half Time. The score is 1-1.

43 minutes: SOme Nervous moments for Man Utd defense

39 minutes: Rooney took the corner but counter attack and now Man Utd has again a freekick

36 minutes: Now Man Utd is playing some better

33 minutes: Man Utd attacked and the supporters shouted for a penalty but refree not interested

30 minutes: Porto again came close. POrto has more opportunities in the match. It is perhaps a matter of time that they get the second goal

27 minutes: Good shot from Porto and Van der sough was forced to save it for a corner.

24 minutes: POrto attacked and Utd defense was on alert

21 minutes: Good attack from Man Utd. It is an excellent match and the both teams are playing very good matc

18 minutes: Porto got a corner and came close to seocnd goal.

15 minutes: Manchester United scored the goal and nowscore is 1-1. Rooney is the man for Man Utd.

14 minutes: At last a good attack from Man Utd and they got a corner but nothing happened

12 miuntes: Porto got a corner. They are the better side until now in this match

10 minutes: Man Utd attacked but not Porto on attack

7 minutes: POrto again attacked and looked dangerous but this time United goalkeeper was good.

4 Minutes: Porto has scored the first goal. Can you believe it. Porto is leading by 1-0

2 minutes: The match has just started and Porto got a corner.

Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the first round quarter final match of Champions League 2008-09 between Manchester United and FC Porto. The match kicks off at 19:45 GMT. So, be with us to enjoy the live updates of the match and we will start giving text commentary when the match starts.

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  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    Man U better not keep relying on these lucky goals! they need to step it up and start playing better.