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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Liverpool vs Arsenal English Premier League 08-09 Live Updates

Liverpool (4)--- Arsenal (4)

90+6 minutes: The match has finally finished.

90+3 minutes: Liverpool has again scored and it is 4-4. What a match.

90 minutes: Who Scored the fourth goal for Arsenal? Arshevin scored the 4th goal for Arsenal. He has scored 4 goals in the match and Arsenal leading 4-3.

89 minutes: What a match. Still teh two teams are working very hard

86 minutes: Arshevin is trying for his fourth goal but may be he will not get it today

83 minuites: Liverpool got 2 successive corners but Arsenal survived

80 minutes: Liverpool had a freekick from dangerous position

76 minutes: Freekick for Arsenal

72 minutes: Liverpool now scored and it is 3-3

70 minutes: Goaallllll. Arshavin has scored hattrick for Arsenal. Can you believe it? Arsenal is leading by 3-2.

68 minutes: Arshevin scored the second goal for Arsenal and now score is 2-2

64 minutes: Liverpool got a coner, Alonso took it, but it was cleared later on.

60 minutes: Arsenal had a good attack, but Liverpool defense was up to the mark.

56 minutes: Benyoun scored for Liverpool, and Liverpool took a lead now.

54 minutes: Both sides are trying to create chances now.

49 minutes: Kyut's cross was headed home by Fernando Torres. It is now 1-1.

48 minutes: Liverpool is looking for the equalizer.

46 minutes: Second half has just started.

It is now half time at Anfield. Liverpool played wiht more attacking intent, while Arsenal looking for creating chances and showed moments of glory and mainly relied on counter attack. Overal, an entertaing first half. Now, let us see what is waiting for us in the second half. Be with us and enojoy the second half action when the match resumes.

45 minutes: Arbeloa's shot was brilliantly gripped by Arsenal keeper.

44 minutes: Liverpool is trying hard to get an equalizer, while Arsenal is trying to keep the lefad intact.

42 minutes:Liverpool threatened again, but Arsenal defense was up to the mark.

39 minutes: Liverpool had two back-to-back corners, but nothing happened in the end.

36 minutes: Andrei Arshavin scored for Arsneal. Arsenal is now leading by 1-0.

35 minutes: Liverpool is attacking more at this moment. Arsenal seems to be little defensive.

31 minutes: Some threatening attackes from Liverpool in the last couple of minutes.

28 minutes: Arsenal got a freekick but poorly taken and now LIverpool got a corner and poorly taken too

24 minutes: It is total domination from Liverpool

19 minutes: Another two good attacks from Liverpool and another 2 great saves from the Gunners goalkeeper

15 minutes: At last a good attack from the Gunners

9 minutes: Great save from Arsenal goalkeeper Fabiansky.

5 minutes: Liverpool is the better side now. They lost 2 opportunities

1 minute: The match has just started and Liverpool had the first attack

Liverpool and Arsenal lock horn tonight in a much-awaited premier league clash at Anfield. Here, in this entry, we will be giving live score and updates of the match. So, be with us and enjoy the live commentary of the match here.

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